APG - 6'6" x 3' Tri-Fold Clear Acrylic Countertop Shield

APG - 6'6" x 3' Tri-Fold Clear Acrylic Countertop Shield

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Protect your customers and employees from the spread of harmful germs and exposure to coughing, sneezing and airborne particles with this Single Panel Counter Top Shield from POS Supply. Made with plexiglass and a no-tip aluminum frame, these lightweight, portable guards can be easily mounted on customer service, checkout and pickup desks or counters, creating a durable physical barrier. 

This straight, single panel guard features an opening along the bottom edge for safer transactions. Along with providing this protective barrier, it helps reduce the risk of virus spread and creates peace of mind for employees and customers during frequent face to face interactions at the Point of Sale. Perfect for high traffic areas in pharmacies, convenience stores, grocery stores, retail, and quick service restaurants and cafes. Order today for fast and Free Shipping from POS Supply Solutions!

Features & Benefits:

  • Practical: An opening at the bottom of the partition allows for the transfer of small items or payment for transactions. Feet risers allow cables for POS terminal to fit under the screen without additional check out modification.
  • Functional: Barcodes can be scanned at checkout through the clear acrylic, preventing physical contact from transferring products.
  • Safe: Tri-panel build helps to mitigate airborne contact from coughing, sneezing, laughing, etc. while allowing items to be exchanged at the checkout register through a protective barrier. 
  • Stable: Each panel weighs 24 pounds, providing sturdiness so it is not easily tipped over. Temporary adhesive strips or glue can also be used to hold the feet in place for added stability.


  • Overall Dimensions: 6'6" Width x 3' Height
  • Each Panel Dimensions: 36.5" Height x 28" Length
  • Three-panel Adjustable Aluminum Frame
  • 2.5 mm thick barcode-readable plexiglass panes
  • Mounting hardware parts and screws included
  • Easily sanitized with common disinfectants
  • Fully Collapsible
  • One year warranty
  • Made in the USA

Essential across many industries including: Retail, Healthcare, Pharmacy, Dental Clinics, Banks, Grocery Stores, QSRs, Gas & Convenience Stores, Hospitality, Cannabis, Government and more.

100000-02Quality Guaranteed


Safer Interactions

100000-01Protect Your Employees

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Essential for Business

Built from durable, clear acrylic with solid aluminum frame. MADE IN THE USA!

Put your customers at
ease with a visible barrier
that allows for face-to-face interaction while still
maintaining separation of
personal space.

May help shield customers and employees from unintentional exposure to a sneeze or cough during transactions.

Ideal for essential
businesses such as
convenience, grocery, retail, medical, dental, and
pharmacy settings.

Compatible Part Numbers: HS66910