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State-of-the-Art quick service POS that provides your business with advanced functionality

Key Features:


XPIENT is almost infinitely customizable, giving you the ability to optimize processes, employee training and productivity, and customer service.

Back Office Management

Manage multiple register programs, time and attendance, and automatic end-of-day processing and more, with total system redundancy for POS and kitchen functionality

Transaction Management System

XPIENT enables fully traceable cash management from point of order to point of deposit, and plug-in utilities provide connectivity with third-party applications, central reporting and electronic transfers.

Kitchen Management System

Connectivity from QSR POS to kitchen is built in, with options to use kitchen display systems for other functions such as training, production preparation, and scheduling.

Food Cost Control

Our enterprise-wide food cost management features include unlimited measures per item, unlimited nested recipes that can be converted to finished items, real-time transfers, and waste and spoilage accounting.